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Terrace Showcase Jewellers  4987 2290
 28 William St RAYMOND TERRACE New South Wales 2324 Australia
Our dedication to our customers has not changed in that time although the business certainly has!

When first established in 1967 our stock consisted of giftware, several watches and two engagement rings. However, after years of hard work, loving dedication and the support of the community, we now offer an extensive range of jewellery including engagement rings, dress rings, loose diamonds, precious stones, watches, gold and silver jewellery.

One of our greatest passions is restoring old jewellery and making custom design pieces for all occasions. Do you have old pieces of jewellery that you have never worn? Have you not found what you are looking for while shopping? Come visit us for our complimentary custom design meeting and we will see what we can do for you according to your own tastes and budget.
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