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Sight Savers  49610011
 34 Beaumont St Beaumont New South Wales 23203 Australia
Steven Brown and Julio Fuentes from Top of Town are both now at Sight Savers, Hamilton.

Sight Savers pride themselves in providing superior eye-wear, eye-care and service to the people of Hamilton. Be it just a visit, your eye examination, our recommendations to assist your selection, or a final fitting, you will always feel comfortable knowing you are getting professional and friendly service. We are here for you.

Our optometrists, are qualified to examine your eyes for a range of health conditions. During your general eye examination you will be tested for conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts, these are all part of a standard eye check. In addition to these we also offer latest technology Optomap, which gives our optometrists a superior 200° wide angle view of the retina. – Early detection = better eye health outcomes.

Lenses and frames: With so many styles and types of frames to choose from, why not come on down and have a look for yourself, this way you can try on and get a true feel for your eyewear.

Our trained Optical Dispensers will be able to assist you in making sure that your glasses are made accurately and ensure they are comfortable for the life of your new glasses.
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