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Faceshiledcover  0403 625 797  Email
 PO Box 3294 Thornton New South Wales 2322 Australia
About Face Shield Cover Kit

Why are we manufacturing these?

Whilst continuing to provide our CCTC Security Installation Services to our customers in the current climate, we were faced with a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment available to us and our customers and saw a genuine need to create a product to help create a safe barrier for our employees and customers to use during this time.

Since using our new Face Shield Cover Kits while out and about and during CCTV Security Installation work we have had many enquiries on where to purchase them as other employers and families are facing the same challenges.

Our product provides protection not only for the general public, but those working in retail, construction and other customer service situations.

Bulk pricing available. Complete our contact form below to find out more and arrange a quote.

GET YOUR KITS NOW! It’s better to be safe than sorry!